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UCL Islamic Society

UCL's biggest society

Pasts events / New events TBA

  • RUMS ISoc Post-Fayre Social

    Location: Band of Burgers - Camden

    Time: 7pm

  • Sisters' Picnic

    Location: Gordon Square

    Time: 2pm

  • RUMS Meet & Greet

    Location: Chadwick B05 LT

    Time: 5pm

  • SOP Survival Guide

    Location: TBA

    Time: 17:00 to 18:00

  • Welcome Fair

    Location: TBA

    Time: 17:00 to 19:00



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Assalamu ‘Alaykum, My name’s Mahmud, I’m a fourth-year Chemical Engineering student and the President of the Islamic Society (yes, I’m a madman for doing this in my final year but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). Why should you join the Islamic Society? Apart from the fact that we give out free food every two weeks and hammer KCL at charity week, there is no other place on campus that you’ll get to meet so many other Muslims from varying walks of life, form a closer relationship with Allah (SWT) and use your time in such a productive way. I look forward to meeting all of you this year, feel free to drop me an email at: if you need to ask any questions.

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Asalaamu Alaikum, my name is Ibrahim and InshaAllah I will be the Islamic Society Treasurer for this year. My role involves managing the finances of Isoc and leading the finance team, who find sponsors to help fund all the activities Isoc runs. From academic and pastoral support to charitable projects to our homeless drives, our multifaceted endevaours are kept afloat by our finances. (So lowkey, if you know where we can get some more, let me know). I hope this year is a massive success, with lots of money coming in. Inshallah I'll see you all once term starts


Daily prayers take place in the Quiet Contemplation Room (QCR). This Youtube video shows directions to it.

Jummah prayers take place on the first and second floor of Bloomsbury theatre and starts at 1.10pm.


Due to the sheer volume of events and projects we embark upon throughout the year, the ISoc is constantly searching for new sources of income. The main method we do so is through sponsorships. Sponsoring UCL Islamic Society provides you access to our highly diverse group of members as well as social media outreach to our thousands of followers across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This provides any emerging business with a excellent chance to grow awareness about your brand. If your business is interested in sponsoring please check the sponsorship proposal at the link below. If you have any further queries please contact the treasurer, Ibrahim, at

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